Regaining control of our financial reputation

5 Tools

RoC lets users regain control of their financial reputation by allowing them to explain, or annotate their credit history using RoC’s five patented tools.

1. Who Can Read

Share credit report and responses to authorised persons/organisations.

2. Check Credit

Receive a real-time credit report from all major credit rating agencies and receive updates with any new changes to reports.

3. Tell them Why

Refute errors in a credit report by uploading supporting documentation, share rationales for poor credit history allowing creditors to see a full picture of payments before determining credit worthiness.

4. Check Why

At a glance, potential creditors can review consumers’ uploaded documents and receive an unbiased and objective evaluation of the rationales justifying poor credit. Creditors can also analyse content not usually captured in credit reports (e.g. utilities and remittances), which can showcase positive payment history allowing them a more accurate assessment.

5. Good Payment

Upload documents that showcase a wider range of positive payment history and highlight personal financial responsibility to new creditors.

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  1. Enter
  2. Fill in the registration form.
  3. RoC verifies the identity of the subscriber through RoR blockchain protocol.
  4. Once your registration is approved you can select who can read your credit report through the “Who Can Read” tool. This can be modified at any time.
  5. Download your credit report through the “Check the Credit” tool. The report can be requested from all major credit rating agencies.
  6. Insert comments and documents justifying the report through the “Tell Them Why” tool.
  7. Publish your comments and share them with credit agencies and authorised persons.


Credit Agencies

Credit agencies will receive a modified report with consumer annotations; any future creditors requesting the consumer’s credit history will be offered the choice between the ‘normal’ report and the RoC annotated report.

RoC Subscribers

As an RoC subscriber, potential creditors would receive consumer’s comments automatically as part of the service.


Creditors will review a broader set of documents that would otherwise not appear in a traditional credit report and make a balanced and more informed choice on a person’s creditworthiness.

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